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Select you plan and pay for the option you desire. We’ll contact you to review your contents. Each press release should be unique and press worthy.

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After receiving your order, our team of professionals will review your contents, and begin the translation process. Once we have completed the translation and localization of the press release; we will submit it for review.

③ We publish & distribute to our media partners.

We will publish your content according to 350+ tier 1-2 media partners we have.

④ You receive your Report

We will report the success of your press release after 3-5 days! And we’ll keep answering all media requests in the next 30 days.


We distribute your press release to thousands of media outlets, helping you gain greater brand awareness and publicity.

Express Press
One-time fee
in 24 hours from receipt
One-time fee
in 3-5 business days
Three Press
one-time fee
in 6 months
Six Press
One-time fee
in 12 months
About distributing your press release in Japan.

Each press release will be translated by us. One individual will translate, and another will perform a quality check for accuracy and SEO friendliness. We will examine your service and or product and ensure we are not upsetting any Japanese Laws and or regulations. Once the translation is complete and ready, we will submit the press release to over 350 top tier media. We will report to you the success of your press release outline which media your contents appeared in.

Each press release should have its own over arching theme. 

Some good examples are:

・You are starting new campaign.

・Release of a new product You reached 1 million dollars on crowdfunding.

・You have some increase the production of your products.

・You would like to set a discount on a product and or service.

An example of a press release contents that would not be worthy are:

・An article with the same theme / contents as the previous ones

・An article without any facts or new information * All contents will be reviewed and must comply with the Japanese advertisement law.

* Our bundled plans of 3 more press releases also include media follow up, where if requested Gloture will send samples, or meet with local media on your behalf.

Yes, absolutely! A picture can be worth a thousand words. Typically at least 3 – 4 images that compliment the contents of the article are laid out in conjunction with the press release. 

Unfortunately No. Once your contents are released to the Japanese media, there is no opportunity to revise and make corrections to the content. Should there be an extreme situation where contents need to be changed, we would essentially have to perform another media release to correct the contents of the previous release. This is why it is very important that you should only share the final version of your contents with our team.

Yes you can schedule your press release; however we can not guarantee that the date will be achieved if there are un-foreseen issues with the contents of your press release.

We offer an expedited press release. Typically this will be release within 24 hours of receipt of contents taking into consideration business working hours and the holiday schedule of Japan.

We will provide you a summary report with information on the number and the names of media that have republished your contents, the number of inquires , and the number of social media shares.

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