Best Tech Japanese Influencers for 2022


Social media plays an impactful role in shaping modern Japan. In the past month, 92.3% of Japanese online users have visited or used social media, with 80.7% of them being active users who are engaged with or contributing to social media.

With the rise of social media influencers, consumers rely on them to give their thoughts about any products before they make the final purchase. According to Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92% of consumers trust influencer marketing over traditional advertising.

Since Japan is one of the most innovative and advanced countries, Japanese tech influencers can share their knowledgeable opinions and overall reviews about the latest various technological products with their audience. With Youtube is one of the biggest platforms, running a marketing campaign online can allow tech brands to promote, build awareness, and increase engagement with their consumers. Therefore, working with the right influences is the best investment for a brand owner or marketer to gain wider reach and greater ROI.

In no particular order, here is a list of 10 Japanese Tech Influencers.

Kazu Channel

Subscribers: 1.87 million
Topics: Electronic goods, Smartphones

One of the most popular Japanese Tech Youtubers, his videos are centered around unboxing the newest smartphones, laptops, and other electronic goods such as earphones and electric shavers. Not only this, but he also reviews a lot of gadgets centered around camping, gardening, and DIY must-have items. His explanations are easy to follow and full of details on how these daily products make our lives more enjoyable.

Koji Seto

Subscribers: 1.67 million
Topics: Filming equipment, Home Appliances, Laptop, Smartphones

Next up is Koji Seto. With a background in theatre and acting, he uses his comedic skills to introduce laptops, smartphones, and shooting equipment such as cameras and microphones. His high-quality review includes the positive and negative features of each products after using them for a certain amount of time. In addition to this, Koji also does skits and live games on his other channel.

Yoshida Seisakusho

Subscribers: 917,000
Topics: PC parts, Smartphones, Electronic gadgets

Yoshida Seisakusho is well known a YouTuber who says what’s on his mind. His sharp criticism of positive reviews grabs his audiences’ attention. Yoshida usually reviews PC, smartphones, and low-priced gadgets and also has explainer videos on how to assemble and set up these products at home. The most interesting thing is that he can influence his viewers without showing his face


Subscribers: 97,700
Topics: Photo equipment, Gadget review/tests, Game console

Uzumax joined Youtube back in 2010 where he posts reviews about cameras, gaming consoles, earphones, laptops, and much more. On his channel, he is passionate about cameras and their accessories where he reviews the benefits, which lens to use, how to shoot, and other camera equipment. 

Dress COde

Subscribers: 297,000
Topics: Apple Products

Yuta Hiraoka, often known as Dress Code online, is one of the Japanese Tech YouTubers who specializes in covering Apple products and other related items to them. Using Apple products their whole lives, he can inform his audience about the newest features on the latest models and how to get the best use out of them. He has a gentle and narrative tone in a well-structured and easy-to-follow video that explains each product’s positive points.  


Subscribers: 161,000
Topics: Desk-set Up, Monitor, Camera

Based in Tokyo, Tobalog platform includes YouTube, his blog, and Instagram. Tobalog posts videos about cameras, smartphones, monitors, his desk set-up, and lifestyle videos. Some of his most popular videos are on the gadgets he carries around with him, and the top gadgets he rates under 10,000 yen. Tobalog’s videos match his aesthetic, and he goes into detail when it comes to specs


Subscribers: 245,000
Topics: PC customized, PC reviews, Moniton

Serorinne is a Youtuber who build her own custom PC. So when visiting her channel, there is plenty of video about PC reviews and graphic cards. She also reviews CPU cases and various monitors for her PC.  Over the years, she has built up her online presence focusing on smartphones, cameras, PC peripherals, and video production gadgets. She is knowledgeable and gives detailed product reviews as well as shows her audience how to build a PC. 


Subscribers: 280,000
Topics: Camera, Gadget, Entertainment

Aijo Daisuke, also known as JetDaisuke online, joined Youtube in 2006. Graduating from the Department of Imaging at Osaka University of Arts, he uses his skill as a blogger and filmmaker to become one of Japan’s first video reviewers. It’s clear to feel his passion for film in the video he posts on his channel. From reviews to sharing tips on specific cameras and filming gadgets, he shares his knowledge about them with his audience.

KICS – Kenta Imamura

Subscribers: 112,000
Topics: Apple Products, Other appliances

KICS or Kenta Imamura has accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as having a podcast called “KICS FM” on Apple Podcast and Spotify. He mainly reviews Apple products, smartphones, and peripherals like Airpod cases, but occasionally does videos on kitchen appliances. He not only gives his thoughts on these products but also on how to efficiently use them.  

monograph/ 堀口英剛 Youtube Channel


Subscribers: 215,000
Topics: Filming Camera, Monitor/Display, Headphone/Earbuds

Last but certainly not least is Hidetaka Horiguchi’s channel Monograph. Monograph mainly covers smartphones, smartwatches, wireless earphones, and home appliances. This channel is known for its stylish and monotone videos as well as for fashionably introducing well-designed products. From filming equipment, camera, monitors, and headphones, Monograph also does the occasional room tour and botanical plant life video.


While majority of their online presence is on Youtube, be sure to check their other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and their websites.

We hope you found this list insightful and see how these tech influencers gained their audience in Japan. The market size of influencer marketing is increasing and brands will have to adapt to this latest market by working with these and other influencers. 

Depending on who you decide to work with, there’ll be challenges such as language, culture, legal retains, operation of the campaign, analysis, and so on. Therefore, having a local partner or country manager that is familiar with the Japanese market and people is vital if you want to get into the Japanese industry