Xplova NOZA S: Smart Training in VR


Zwift-compatible Smart Trainer that Enables Training in a Virtual Space with Cyclists from Around the World

[Realistic Riding Feel/Application Integration/Quiet Design]

Introducing a bicycles"smart trainer" that is ideal for solving lack of exercise and full-scale training

New "Smart Trainer" for Cyclists Ideal for Relieving Lack of Exercise and for Serious Training


Xplova NOZA S is an interactive smart trainer.

It is compatible with Zwift, allowing you to train with cyclists from around the world in a virtual space. It is a revolutionary product that focuses on a realistic riding experience.

Xplova NOZA S has a 58dB quiet design, allowing for realistic training at home.

It is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth, so it can also be linked to a dedicated smartphone app to manage your workouts.

Product page: https://gloture.jp/products/xplova-noza-s