INKO Heating Mat HEAL


It can be easily rolled up and stored, making it convenient for on the go!

INKO Heating Mat Heal is the world's first USB slim heater using silver nano ink as a heating material.

It is only 1mm thick and made of soft and comfortable material.

INKO Heating Mat HEAL was introduced on TV Asahi’s “Super J Channel” and “Trebaz” corner! (Aired on January 28, 2021)

 INKO Heating Belt Haramaki was featured in Mono Magazine!


  • The world’s first USB heater with a thickness of only 1mm, was realized with a technology that warms with ink.
  • A USB heater that can be rolled up into a compact package for easy carry and on the go.
  • Zero electromagnetic radiation and eco-friendly materials. Safe and secure items that are friendly to both people and the environment.