How to Social Network in Japan

Whether you want to do business in Japan or already work there, networking is essential to achieve success.

But how to build and expand your network in Japan?

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Physical Places

Even though social media is convenient, it is not easy to expand your network well without actually meeting people.

Not only in Japan, but everywhere else: if you overlook the importance of physical contact, your number of connections will not increase very fast, or not increase at all. But Japan has some specificities concerning the places you should go to meet professionals.

Social Media

Nowadays, you cannot start a business without having a couple of social media channels. Check out our article about the most popular social media in Japan and work on your communication.

In addition to that, you can create a Wantedly account. This is the Japanese equivalent of LinkedIn. While many don’t like it, the rating system creates competition among users. 

However, since physical contact is important, phone calls are preferred over emails or messages. It is also more polite in Japan.