How to Write a Press Release?

Knowing how to write a press release is an essential skill for media coverage for your business.

What should a press release include? How do you write an ending for it? What is the format? Do not worry, as we guide you on how to write a press release.

There are specific guidelines for writing a press release. From news angles to the structure, here is a guide on how to write a press release that will garner attention and results.

Step 1: Who is Your Target Audience?

Before writing anything, it’s to know what angle your target audience cares about. This angel is the perspective that the story will tell which catches the attention of readers. This is different if it’s in a specialized magazine or a local newspaper. So you should have different versions of the press release for the audiences you are targeting.

Also, keep in mind you are not targeting potential readers, but also journalists. If you don’t research or know your target audience, then the press release won’t accomplish anything.

Step 2: Press Release Structure?

To write a press release is to understand the structure of press release. Following a standard format allows a journalist to find what they are looking for in your release. This enables them to quickly determine if they want to cover your announcement. This also demonstrates you are well versed in PR, knowing the ins and outs, and shows that you’re easy to work with.

Now, it’s time to double-check everything
Step 3: Press Release Format

Now the press release structure is covered, let’s focus on the format. If the content is amazing, it doesn’t help if the format is bad. People are visually stimulated, which is why the format matters.

So how do you format a press release? There are many ways to distribute a press release, and here we are focusing on the most commonly used one.

When writing a good press release, remember that things are changing and something in the past won't impress journalists today. Think about the current trends and potential new ones.
Step 4: Common Mistakes
Step 5: Write

Whoo-Hoo! Now you know how to write an effective press release, what should be included, and how it should be formatted.