Top 30 Sales Rankings of Japanese EC Sites

Here are the top 30 Japanese EC sites based on their sales ranking

Let’s take a closer look at what each EC site is!

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1 - 10

Although Amazon is a mall EC, it can also be considered a stand-alone EC due to its marketplace-type characteristics. If it is a single EC, it will be the top sales in Japan.

The company’s efforts to strengthen its product lineup, including a focus on PB products developed in cooperation with major domestic manufacturers, have been successful.


Yodobashi Cameras’ e-commerce site caters to consumer electronics and home appliance sales. Its services that leverage the strength of its logistics infrastructure, such as “Yodobashi Extreme,” which delivers products in as little as two and a half hours, are well-received.

ZoZoLike Amazon, ZOZOTOWN is also a marketplace type, so it is ranked here as well. Their stores with PayPay Mall are contributing to the expansion of the customer base.

Bic Camera’s EC division sells consumer electronics retailers and home appliances. In 2020, Bic Camera is promoting the cooperation between electronic shelf tags in stores and EC. The electronic shelf tag can display the number of EC reviews and ratings, and the company is working to integrate its stores and EC.

UNIQLO’s online store is provided by Fast Retailing, a major fast fashion company. UNIQLO is also known as a successful example of omnichannel that smoothly integrates its physical stores and online channels.

The EC department of PC maker is Dell. It is the largest manufacturer’s direct sales site in the world. In addition to ordering PC equipment online, users can also find comprehensive information on PC products, the latest news, and more.

Oisix La Daichi is a major food shopping site. Under the philosophy of “creating and expanding the future of food,” Oisix la dai offers a comprehensive range of food-related services, including regular deliveries of food ingredients and sales of meal kits.

This online store of Dinos Cecile is a catalog retailer mail order. It offers a comprehensive product lineup centered on clothing and daily necessities.

Well-known for its TV shopping channel, Japanet Takata is notable for its use of video on its site. In addition to videos that introduce each product, the site also includes video content that guides users through its services and answers their most frequently asked questions.

This is an e-commerce site for home appliance sales. Most recently, the company collaborated with Rakuten, posting campaign notices on the top page of the Rakuten Ichiba website to attract customers to its real stores.

It seems that such mutual attraction of customers on the instore and the Web is making a great contribution to the EC business.

11 - 20

Senshukai operates Belle Maison. The Senshukai Group also includes and Uit Web Store.

SKY PerfecTV! is a mail-order site of the shop channel familiar with TV shopping that can be viewed via cable TV.

ASKUL, a corporate equipment mail order site. LOHACO for individuals is also popular for its high PB design.

An EC site for PC sales. It is also a distributor of Iiyama brand monitors.

An online supermarket operated by Ito-Yokado, which is a major supermarket chain. It recently underwent a major renewal in July 2020 and now offers pickup and delivery service.

This is the e-commerce site of one of Japan’s largest camera specialty stores.

This is an EC site for home electronics sales. It is promoting efficient reform of its EC business by integrating its stores and the Internet.

Nitori, a furniture and sundries retailer, is performing well due to rising demand for in-home consumption as a result of the 2020 Corona Disaster.

MOA operates PREMOA, a comprehensive e-commerce site focusing on home appliances.

QVC’s online store is known for being one of the largest TV shopping stores in the world.

21 - 30

An e-commerce site for clothing sales operated by Belluna, a fashion catalog mail-order company.

An apparel e-commerce site that develops multiple popular brands such as Journal-Standard.

An e-commerce site for cosmetics. Their app allows users to receive a free personal analysis.

An apparel e-commerce site that helped develops 23 wards in Tokyo.

An e-commerce site for catalog retailers for Nissen. They develop and offer products in a reasonable price range.

This is an e-commerce site centered on fast fashion.

This is a mail order site for women’s fashion.

Third Wave operates as a PC specialty store “Dospara” that offers low prices and is also developing an e-sports business.

Seven-Eleven’s food e-commerce sales service. It offers a full lineup of meal kits, daily lunch boxes, and fresh foods.

Summary Table


Company name

amount of sales

1st place

Amazon Japan

1,744.3 billion yen

2nd place

Yodobashi Camera

138.6 billion yen

3rd place


125.5 billion yen

4th place

Bic camera

1081 billion yen

5th place


83.2 billion yen

6th place


63 billion yen

7th place

Oisix Ra Daichi

61.3 billion yen

8th place

Dinos Cecile

58.2 billion yen

9th place

Japanet Takata

58 billion yen

10th place

Joshin Denki

57.1 billion yen

11th place


49 billion yen

11th place

Jupiter Shop Channel

49 billion yen

13th place


48.6 billion yen

14th place

Mouse computer

47 billion yen

15th place


45.2 billion yen

16th place


45 billion yen

16th place

Yamada Denki

45 billion yen

18th place


44.3 billion yen

19th place


37.1 billion yen

20th place

QVC Japan

33.6 billion yen

21st place


30.2 billion yen

22nd place

Iris Plaza

30 billion yen

23rd place

Bay cruise

28.4 billion yen

24th place


25.7 billion yen

25th place

Onward Holdings

25.3 billion yen

26th place


25 billion yen

27th place


24.6 billion yen

28th place


24.4 billion yen

29th place

Third wave

23.5 billion yen

30th place

Seven meal service

23.3 billion yen