Japanese Companies in the NFT Market

If you are online, you must have seen the word NFT and must be wondering what are they.

The NFT boom is here, but what will happen now? Will it spread? Is there a market for it? With these questions in mind, we looked into what kind of companies are in the NFT market and what are their plans for the future!

Diagram of the Japanese Companies in the NFT Market

*Market map based on publicly available information as of February 2022

The outer frame of the company logo is colored. The borders are color-coded as follows.

  • Red → Listed companies
  • Blue→Start-up companies
  • Green → Unlisted company

The line between companies means a cooperative company relationship such as a business alliance, a partnership agreement, or a joint demonstration experiment.

Now let’s take a closer look!

NFT Marketplace

It is a marketplace where NFTs can trade. “OpenSea,” which is said to be the largest NFT marketplace, is well known both in Japan and overseas.

Looking at the NFT market in Japan chart, we can see various movements.

Large companies can try to gain the main location as an NFT marketplace in Japan. There is also a marketplace specializing in the art and anime/manga industry, which is unique to Japan. This concept of a new marketplace allows companies and major companies to collaborate.

While many NFT marketplaces such as “OpenSea” only accept virtual currencies such as Ethereum as a payment currency and do not accept physical money such as Japanese yen, many Japanese NFT marketplaces also accept Japanese yen (credit card payments or bank transfers).

If the NFT market continues to be more active, then more virtual currencies will be distributed in the future.

Here are some Japanese marketplaces.

NFT Wallet, Exchange, Virtual Currency

MERCARI and LINE, have many users on their existing services, and are moving to connect with their existing services. At the same some, both are increasing the value of users and expanding virtual currency and crypto assets to Japan.

With so many transactions being made, competition, and new ones being created, we look forward to seeing how the exchanges will change in the future!

Game / Trading Card / IP Business

This is an exciting area for future changes.

The possibilities of IP business have been expanding steadily since the NFT trading card game “NBA Top Shot” became popular.

NFT Blockchain New Service Development

This is the most exciting and thrilling area! This is the area where NFT technology is used to solve problems and develop new businesses.

The world will change as NFT is utilized more and more.


What will happen to the NFT market in the future? New services and games using the NFT blockchain are so cool, and we looking forward to seeing more services coming out in the future.