7 Effective Methods of Game App Promotion

There are various game apps. When you look at popular apps, you can see that they are well promoted.

If the game content is not interesting, it will not be played for a long time. To be continuously chosen, it is important to introduce and promote the game properly.

So, what are the main ways to promote a game app? This article will introduce the main methods of promotion for game apps. It is not simply advertising on websites or apps, so please check out what is available.


The first and quickest way is to use a website.

If your company has an official website, introducing your app on that page, you can attract the attention of users who have come to see your other products.

Companies such as McDonald’s and Disney Resorts use this method to lead users from their websites to their apps.

The greatest appeal of using a website is that you can freely promote your products without any restrictions on how they are displayed.

If users like your app, they are likely to be interested in other apps. By letting people know about the app you want to introduce, you can attract more users.

However, this can be difficult to introduce if you don’t have much inflow to your website or the budget to create a website.


In recent years, more and more people are using SNS, not only as a tool to communicate with others but also as one of the content to attract customers.

Especially young people in their teens and 20s are familiar with SNS, so it is easy to capture this demographic by placing advertisements.

While some people have high expectations when they see an application for the first time, others are concerned about whether it is useful or not, or whether it is something suspicious.

However, by using SNS to introduce the details of the application, people will think that they can use it with confidence.

Interested users will honestly tweet their true feelings, which can be used to improve the app. It is also a great advantage to be able to stream updated information.

You can also launch paid advertisements on social networking sites, so you can take advantage of these things. Of course, it will cost money, but it will help you catch the attention of users and create an opportunity to increase the number of users of your app.

Press Releases & Other PR Activities

Public relations activities on the Internet such as SNS are very attractive because they can let an unspecified number of people know about the contents of the application. However, this is not enough to let people who do not use social networking services know about the application.

Press releases are useful in such cases. For example, by having them appear in commercials, you can make your app known to people other than those who use the Internet.

You can also place advertisements in newspapers, and by making full use of these media, you will be able to further increase your name recognition.

You can also hold a launch party with industry professionals to get to know them better and have them introduce your application in a variety of media. It is also a good idea to hold a party to commemorate the completion of the project and invite a variety of people to attend.

If you have connections with the media, it is also effective to ask them to include your work in interviews and articles. These are viewed by many people and can help spread the word about your application.


ASO is an acronym for “App Store Optimization,” which many people may not be familiar with.

In essence, it is a way to draw attention to an application and can be easily understood as SEO on an Internet site.

There are various criteria for ASO, such as the title, keywords, description, and user evaluation.

There are some things that come later, such as user evaluations, but by making improvements based on opinions, you can lead to high evaluations.

If these points are comprehensively judged to be excellent, it will be possible to be posted in a prominent place in the app store.

By managing the app well after release and responding immediately to any issues and suggestions, you can create a good app that will likely attract attention.

Pre-Registration Promotion

One method of promotion unique to game apps is to encourage pre-registration. As the name suggests, this is a method of getting people to pre-register for an app before its release and is expected to increase the number of downloads at the time of release and rank high in popularity.

In addition to utilizing the dedicated pre-registration website, announcements should also be made using the special website, SNS, press releases, etc., as described above.

In addition, providing incentives for pre-registration (e.g., in-game bonuses) during promotions will make it easier for users to benefit from pre-registration.

Consider these benefits when promoting pre-registration.


Influencers” such as Youtubers, live broadcasters, and Instagrammers are now established as a profession.

By collaborating with well-known people, you will be able to guide people to the app more efficiently. This benefit both parties since you will get your band out and influencers can increase their name recognition by having them appear in advertisements for apps.

The app’s management can also increase the app’s visibility by having popular influencers serve as billboards for the app.

This is a win-win situation, so teaming up with influencers in this way is one way to promote your app.

Word of Mouth

Many people check reviews when downloading an app. It is natural to feel a little uneasy about using an app for the first time and not want to make a mistake when using it.

The more reviews that users pay attention to, the more helpful they will be. If you have just released an app and have not been able to get many reviews, increasing the number of reviews is part of the promotion process.

For example, if you target users and say, “Get points by writing a review!”, more people will want to write a review for points.

As a result, if the number of reviews increases, it will be easier for new users to refer to it, which will lead to an increase in the installation rate. Encouraging people to write reviews is a tedious task, but a very important one.


In this article, we have introduced various promotional methods to release your app and get users. To increase the number of users of your app, you must first let them know what kind of app it is.

There are advertising activities that make full use of the Internet, and there are also steady activities such as introducing the app in stores and other places. Of course, since it is a promotion, it often costs money, but it is recommended to promote effectively while consulting with the budget.