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PR in Japan

Japanese rank the large media outlets very highly, having utmost trust in what they say. Major platforms like Nikkei, Asahi, NHK. So having strong media coverage across these channels is a tried and tested way to bolster a brand message in Japan. PR is an incredibly important way to build awareness and trust for foreign brands.


Having newsworthy content is important in all PR industries across the world.

Public Relations (PR) is the work done to raise public awareness about a company or brand.

Everything You Need To Know About Public Relations In Japan

In Japanese, the term “public relations” is used, but PR is understood as a larger concept. For example, the main point is to facilitate smooth communication between products and consumers, and between producers and consumers. Similar terms include promotions, publicity, and advertising.

If you produce and sell a product that satisfies consumers, will it sell like hotcakes? Many consumers will be attracted to the products being sold by companies with a high level of recognition and reputation when they see them on the shelves. So, PR is important for companies to raise their affinity and gain recognition for their products by consumers.

Sharing Tips on an Affordable & Fast Way to PR your product in Japan!
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Translating and editing PR relevant materials to Japanese Language

As the role of public relations in companies and organizations is becoming more important, the methods of these public relations are increasing. With so much information coming and going, one way to get your company’s message across to stakeholders is to use unique methods of communication.

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While it’s not easy to deliver your company’s message to the media and to each individual consumer, it’s necessary to make a detailed press release that is easily understood and appealing to the recipients.