Twitter Dominates SNS Shares in Japan 2021


Twitter has overwhelming
strength in Japan

StateCounter released shares of social media at the end of December 2021
Here are the shares of the world:
However, the market share in Japan is quite different. Take a look:

Over the past few years, there’s been no significant change in social media trends. Globally, Facebook has a high market share of nearly 80%, followed by Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Japan is showing something different from these global trends.

In Japan, Facebook had a high market share of nearly 80% until 2017.

However, that has significantly reduced in 2018 and has been replaced by Twitter. Twitter has increased its shares in Japan and has a market share of nearly 50%.

   In Japan, Pinterest is second, Facebook is third, and Instagram is fourth. 

While Facebook dominates the global market, Instagram is showing a different trend in Japan. Pinterest and Facebook are showing a downward trend in Japan. There is a possibility that the market share will shift to Instagram in the future.
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