The Press Release Process in Japan


Many businesses as well as potential clients probably don’t know the full extent of how a press release is a release from the initial idea to achieving coverage. Here, we have put together step by step the process of how PR works.

1. Idea

Brainstorm to generate original and unique ideas. This can be potential campaigns, stories, proposals, or events about your new product/service.

2. Plan

How do you process this idea? Gather all the necessary information and conduct some research.

3. draft

After planning and researching, pull everything together into an initial press release. Think of this as a rough draft.

4. Edit

Have other members review the initial draft and have them suggest changes or any additional points that can be made. Also, double-check the key’s message as well as grammar.

5. Review

This edited piece will then be sent to review by the clients if you’re using a PR agency. This review allows the client to see the content and provide suggestions and additional changes.

6. Edit (again)

With those suggestions, things will be edited again and rewritten.

7. REVIEW (again)

This is the final check for the press release to be published.

8. Plan

Then a discussion will take place on the best strategy for pitching the press release. This includes what titles that are most relevant or best represent the piece. Planning also includes whether or not an exclusive should be offered or not and if the timing should coincide with any events or stories.

9. pitch

Then the press release will be pitched to journalists that should have been decided at a suitable time. Most likely, this will be sent via email and this will encourage them to run the story.


Interest journalists will request more information and additional photos. Guide them to the right people in your company who can best help them with their requests.

11. Coverage

Anticipate seeing the press release be published in full or in parts. Some coverage can range from national to the regional newspaper, online or in print, magazines, broadcast, or other media.

12. report

Be prepared to receive coverage updates for any highlights such as SEO links as well as a monthly round-up for press release activities.

13. Pitch (again)

If the press release is particularly interesting and deserves more coverage, go back to step eight and pitch again!

14. Idea

If you’re satisfied with the press release, it’s time to go back to the drawing board for the next idea.

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