Top 25 Crowdfunding Project in Japan

Remember that even if there are many advantages to crowdfunding, many projects failed.

If you are curious to know what kinds of products are successful in Japan, here are the top 25

No.1 - No.5

No.6 - No.10

No.10 - No.15

No.16 - No.20

No.21 - No.25


Crowdfunding provides an opportunity to launch a project without having to struggle to find a lender. As you can see from the top 25 products, some trends are popular in japan such as high-tech products (power supplies, laptops, smartphones) which are more convenient, more powerful, smaller, lighter, etc. Products which are wireless but still perform very well (speakers, video projectors) and which help people save time (earphones, electric toothbrushes) are very popular, like objects which solve issues of everyday life (warm clothes or night vision systems).

Other successful projects are characteristic of the Japanese culture (animations and figures).

If your product is similar to those, why not try it?

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