TikTok Marketing Strategy in Japan

Thorough Explanation of Japanese TikTok Marketing Strategy [TikTok Customer Attraction]

TikTok was originally seen as a social tool for teenagers to post and watch quick videos. However, recently, businesses on TikTok have been able to attract various customers.

If you’re able to operate on TikTok well enough, it can be a cost-effective tool to attract customers. So, what makes TikTok a success, and what makes it a failure?

This article will therefore explain effective strategies for utilizing TikTok in marketing.

This is for anyone for wants to use TikTok to expand their business but is having a difficult time operating it.

Understanding the Latest TikTok Trends

To operate TikTok for business, it is necessary to understand that TikTok is changing from the traditional trend. By managing your account according to the trends, it is possible to create highly appealing videos that attract the attention of many users.

You will see how TikTok is changing in the following order: “age groups” and “changes in video content.”

Changes in Age group

Traditionally, TikTok users have been primarily targeted at teens and 20s.

Therefore, companies approached it as a place to promote services and products of interest to teens and 20s.

However, as of 2021, the average age of TikTok users today is 34 years. In addition, the average age of users is increasing year by year.

In terms of age groups, there has been a particularly significant increase in the number of men in their 30s and 40s.

The average age of users has increased, making it a platform that can target a wide range of demographics.

Changes in the Content of Posts

From the birth of the platform to the present, TikTok has diversified videos posted and buzzing videos.

Here is an explanation of how the content has changed from three different points.

Strengths of TikTok Marketing

Marketing through TikTok has three major strengths. The following is an explanation of what strengths are present.

Cautions for TikTok Marketing

There are three main cautions for TikTok marketing Here are some tips and ways to deal with TikTok marketing.

TikTok Marketing Means

There are three main methods of TikTok marketing.

  • Operation of business account
  • Advertisement
  • Hiring influencers to do PR for you

Having a business account allows you to produce a variety of videos and effectively market TikTok.

Operate a Business Account

Business Account Setup

Business accounts can be easily set up from the account you have opened.

To set up a business account, go to “My Page” (upper right corner), “Manage Account”, and then “Switch to Professional Account”. When choosing an account type, choose “business” instead of “creator.”

Video Production for Easy Display of Recommendations

When displayed in TikTok’s “Recommendations“, it makes it easier for many users to watch the video. Compared to other platforms, there is a higher level of trust in recommendations, and people will view your video with a more positive attitude than many videos.

Therefore, videos in recommendations are an important factor. Here, we summarize the key points of videos that are easily recommended.

High view completion rate

Videos with a high viewing completion rate are more likely to be displayed in the recommendation column. It is necessary to create a highly appealing video so that the video can be viewed to the end. The higher the viewing completion rate, the longer the total viewing time, and the more likely it will be displayed in the recommended videos.

Increase empathy

Videos that are sympathetic to many users are more likely to be displayed in the Recommended Section. Likes and comments are good, but also create videos that will be shared.

Set appropriate hashtags

To increase the number of users who share your video, you need to get as many users who are interested in your video to watch it. Set the appropriate hashtag and create a video so that interested users can watch the video to the end.

Spread your videos with Promotes

TikTok offers a tool called “Promote” that allows you to spread your video as an advertisement.

When you run a Promote, your video will be shown to a specified number of users, leading them to follow you or visit your website.

Using the Promote function allows your content to reach a large number of users.

Analyze your videos

It is also important to verify each video you post and find out which videos are getting the best response.

When analyzing a video, analyze the following indicators one by one and make a hypothesis as to why the response is good:

  • Total number of views
  • Total playback time
  • Average viewing time
  • Type of traffic source

The most important indicators are average viewing time and total playing time. It is important whether these two indicators are posted on the recommendation display, so if the numbers are low, please review the video composition immediately.

Place Ads

Advertising is a marketing method alongside business account management. TikTok advertising has great advantages because there are few companies entering the market and there is an overwhelmingly little dislike of advertising.

There are three main types of ads on TikTok.

Understand the characteristics of the three types of advertisements and utilize effective advertisements to attract customers.

Ask Influencers for PR

There are influencers on TikTok who can influence users a lot.
By requesting influencers for PR, it is possible to dramatically improve awareness.

When creating user-participatory ads, it is more likely that more users will be able to watch the video by asking influencers for PR.

It is also important to analyze the demographics of your followers when requesting influencers.

By asking influencers who have many followers who are compatible with your product or service, you can raise awareness of your corporate account

Success stories of each marketing method


To summarize this article,

・ TikTok can also be used for the business purposes
・ The user base has shifted from young adults to mid-30s
・ When using TikTok for marketing, use a business account
・ Consider the best advertising strategy based on the case studies.

TikTok is changing from a platform for young people to a platform for a variety of users to enjoy videos. If you are considering attracting customers through TikTok, be sure to post videos continuously while keeping in mind the operational points introduced in this article.