10 Unique PR Methods in Japan

Unique PR Methods
Here are 10 unique public relations techniques that are likely to catch the attention of your stakeholders.

As the role of public relations in companies and organizations is becoming more important, the methods of these public relations are increasing. With so much information coming and going, one way to get your company’s message across to stakeholders is to use unique methods of communication


Communication with media personnel is essential when conducting public relations through the news coverage. Here are some unique examples of how to get the media interested in your company’s information.

Unique public relations activities and public relations cases for consumers

When conducting PR activities for consumers, various methods such as advertising and the use of influencers should be considered. Here are three methods of unique public relations for consumers that have created a buzz.

Unique PR activities and cases with consumer participation

The key to increasing consumers and their loyalty to companies is for them to participate in planning such as communities, campaigns, and events.

When people are satisfied with the experience offered by a company, it is an efficient method of public relations that not only increases loyalty but also leads to the acquisition of new customers through word-of-mouth.

Here are four unique examples of such consumer participation.


When conducting public relations activities, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of the consumers and think about “what kind of information would you be interested in” and “whether you will take action”

With that, both media professionals and consumers need to understand the other party by communicating with them regularly. Understanding the lifestyle, characteristics, and interests of your target audience is the key when considering public relations methods.

After thinking through the other party, you may come up with a different and unique method.

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