Writing a Press Release: Awards and Recognition

A public announcement for a product or service is a great opportunity to for press release. Being recognized by a third party allows you can reiterate the effectiveness of your product or service.

This article will explain the contents, precautions, and give examples when creating a public announcement for a press release. 

Benefits of Distributing Awards and the Recognition of a Press Releases

What are the benefits of distributing awards and recognition press releases? Here, we explain there are two benefits.

Four points to Include in an Award Press Releases
Precautions When Creating a Press Release for an Award Recognition

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4 Examples of Press Release Cases

Here are some examples press releases distributed by PR TIMES. All of them were designed to to be easily understood, so refer to them when creating your press release.


The important thing in creating a press release is to include the thoughts and feelings, however put it in a creative in the way when you present it.


One of the essential skills for creating press releases is to deliver your feelings and thoughts to others. Countless press releases are distributed daily, and there is a lot of new information online. So it’s necessary for the recipient to be able to identify the correct information.

While it’s not easy to deliver your company’s message to the media and to each individual consumer, it’s necessary to make a detailed press release that is easily understood and appealing to the recipients.

We would be happy to help you distribute as many press releases as possible that carry your company’s message and help you reach the people you want to reach.