Branching out in Japan: Working Pros and Cons


Before setting up a branch in Japan, be aware of it's business and working culture

Japanese people are notoriously hardworking, and this may be one of the reasons why Japan has high economic growth and are more advanced than other countries.

However, the work culture of Japanese white-collared workers is known for their long work hours, and there have been cases of employees being worked to death (called karōshi).

Still, stories like this should not scare you away from pursuing a career in Japan. There are many opportunities for foreigners there and the Japanese government is making a change in the working culture.

There are many opportunities, but here are the pros and cons of working in Japan.

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While these are a few cons that are mentioned, no barrier can’t be overcome without a little effort. Your colleagues will also feel more trusting and at ease if you communicate with them in their native language. The opportunity to live and experience the culture in Japan is unforgettable!


Now for the Pros! Despite all the negatives, the positives outweigh the cons of working in Japan. There are so many benefits of working in one of the most developed technologically advanced country in the world. Getting out of your comfort zone can help you excel in your personal development and gain lifelong memories of a unique experience.

Even if Japanese people do not want to do something ‘bad’, they do not always try to do what is ‘good’. So don’t listen to stereotypes and make your own opinion and experience life in Japan.