Understanding Japanese Consumers and Their Technological Interests

According to the World Bank, Japan is ranked as the third-largest economy in the world.

 If you are a technology or gadget company trying to enter the Japanese market, there are some things you need to understand before you begin.

Even the most successful companies, like Apple, had difficulty penetrating the Japanese market with their products at first. Japanese consumers are known to be very selective with high expectations. We will discuss below some of the many things they look for in a tech product.

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As more Japanese consumers actively search for the most unique tech products, it is important for your product design to not only look aesthetically pleasing but for it to have significance as well.

You will find a lot of Japanese designs and packaging have a purpose

For example, an onigiri from the conbini or convenience store has a specific way of peeling off the plastic wrapping.

This same or a similar concept applies to design in technology. You always want to hold the consumers’ interest right until the very end. Whether it be fun and quirky or sleek and sophisticated, there should be a meaningful purpose behind it. Check out some of these products we think fit that criteria: 


Another thing that Japanese consumers look for its usabilityUsability is defined as “the ease of use and learnability of a human-made object such as a tool or device.” So, your product has to be good for people to continuously come back to it. 

Before you finalize your product, make sure you check off these 3 things:

New Ideas

Floating Desk Lightbulb

Japanese consumers are one of the most tech-savvy consumers in the world, therefore they are constantly looking for cutting edge ideas/products. So they are interested in new technology developments when you give them an incentive to take part in it. Competition can be tough especially in Japan because they are used to seeing new products being launched all the time. For that reason, having a fresh new idea can generate interest among the public.