How to Get Your Game to the Japanese Audience

Thorough explanation of costs and tips for success!

This is for anyone who wants to promote their game through video advertising, playable advertising, ASO, YouTuber tie-ups, and TV commercials.

In this article, we will the characteristics of each method, the market price, and the points for effective promotion as it will help you to know which method to choose when conducting your game promotion.

Reference Cases of Game Promotion

Examples of Video Advertising

Video advertising refers to all advertising that uses video. Although it also includes TV commercials and taxi advertisements, this article will limit its discussion to web and SNS advertisements only.

 Unlike TV commercials, the major feature of web and SNS video ads is that users can be analyzed immediately using tools.

 By verifying if the video is fully watched to the end (complete viewing rate), the part when the viewer is leaving, and the number of conversions for ad links, it is possible to make improvements such as changing the length of the video.

Therefore, practice and verification can be repeated frequently.

Examples of Playable Ads

Playable ads are a type of video advertising that allows users to actually play the game in the ad and are often placed on social networking sites such as Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook.

The fact that “users can actually play” is a major difference from general video ads.

This allows users to experience a part of the game, which is more interesting than video ads, and encourages downloads of the game. It is said that this makes it three times more advantageous than general video advertisements.

ASO Case Study

ASO stands for “App Store Optimization.” It refers to taking measures to ensure that your game appears at the top of the list when users search for your game in the app store, thereby increasing the install rate.

The biggest point of this ASO is that you can practice by yourself without spending money. If you understand how search engines work and get the hang of it, you can do it yourself. 

So how does a search engine determine search rankings? In a nutshell, it comes down to whether the game is what users are looking for.

There are multiple criteria by which search engines judge this, one of which is “Does the title and text contain keywords? ” Search engines will judge games that include keywords entered by users in the title and text as “games that users are looking for” and display them higher in the search results.

In addition, “several downloads” and “ratings and reviews” are also important criteria for determining search rankings. In devising game titles, the number of downloads will begin to rise and high ratings will increase as a result of such devising, and this will finally be reflected in the search rankings.

Therefore, it will take some time for the app to appear at the top of the app store after taking measures. It is important not to rush too much and to make steady improvements.

Reference source: Repro “What is ASO?”

Here are some examples of how these efforts have yielded results.

Examples of YouTuber Collab

A YouTuber collab or sponsorship is when a company pays a YouTuber to produce a video introducing its products or services.

Unlike advertisements, these videos can introduce products and services without feeling uncomfortable in the YouTuber’s original plan. The main feature of this is that it adds a sense of entertainment and eases the PR.

Another advantage is that even people who were not interested in the game until now or didn’t know about it can easily get interested in it, saying, “If this YouTuber says it, it might be good.

You can use the popularity of YouTubers to expand your recognition.

Examples of TV Commercials

Unlike web advertisements that are targeted, TV commercials are viewed by an unspecified number of people regardless of age or gender. Therefore, it is suitable for a promotion aimed at “expanding recognition.”

 Another feature of TV commercials is that they “easily uncover latent interest.” Compared to the Internet, which is a “proactive” media that is often used to actively gather information, TV is a “passive” media that is often watched “casually”.

Therefore, on the Internet, people on the internet often feel “disturbed” when they see advertisements they are not interested in and tend to ignore them, whereas, on TV, many people somehow glance at them and watch them even if they are not interested.

Therefore, it is easy to attract the interest of people who were not previously interested.

Cost Rates for Game Promotion

Video Advertising

The cost of video advertising is divided into production cost and placement costs.

For Playable Ads

There are not that many production companies that can handle the production of playable ads yet, and the specific “market price” is not yet clear. 

However, it is said that production costs are higher than general video advertising.

In the Case of ASO

If you do everything yourself, it will cost you nothing.

If you are not confident that you can take the measures yourself, you can outsource the work. 

However, there are still few companies offering ASO as a service, and the “market price” for outsourcing is not clear.

To Collab with YouTubers

There are multiple ways to calculate costs. Here are the two main patterns.

Tips for Effective Game Promotion

We have reviewed several promotion methods, each with different characteristics and market prices.
It is important to choose them well to have a successful promotion.


In this article, we have introduced case studies of game promotion and the characteristics and costs of each promotional method.

There are two important points for effective promotion.

The first is to clarify the purpose and budget of the promotion . Once this is clarified, it will be easier to choose a suitable promotion method.

The second is to combine promotion methods for each user action . User actions are often divided into several stages, so it is effective to combine promotion methods that suit each stage.

These two points are important regardless of which promotion method you choose.