Everything to Know About Opening a Store on Rakuten Ichiba


Is there a failure of examination to open a store on Rakuten Ichiba? Can Rakuten sell? How do open a store and what are the fees? We will thoroughly explain what you need to know if you are considering opening a store on Rakuten Ichiba.

If you are considering opening a store in Rakuten, please continue reading!

Cost of Opening a Store on Rakuten Ichiba

Since its full-scale launch in 1997, Rakuten Ichiba has been a leader in the Japanese e-commerce market. Shopping, Rakuten Ichiba is the top runner in the Japanese e-commerce mall market.

We have organized how much it costs to open a store on Rakuten Ichiba.

Rakuten Offers Four Different Plans for Opening a Store

When opening a store on Rakuten, you can choose from the following four plans.

Usage Fees in Addition to the Basic Store Opening Fee

When opening a store, usage fees such as various systems will be charged in addition to the monthly basic fee.

The ratio of fees to sales varies depending on the plan you choose and the sales fee. It is important to use the simulator to determine the plan that best suits your store.

How to Open a Store on Rakuten Ichiba?

Opening a store on Rakuten Ichiba, which offers a wide range of services, is a sales platform with many useful functions for companies and shops that are worried about their ability to attract customers on their own.

Below is a flow chart of how to open a store on Rakuten Ichiba.

There are Four Steps to Open a Store on Rakuten Ichiba

If Opening a Store is Difficult, You Can Use a Store Opening Agent

Rakuten has a variety of support services such as consultants and advisors when opening a store.

If you still find it difficult to open a store, you may consider using a store-opening agency. Some companies will not only take care of opening a store, but will also take care of operations, advertising, marketing, and other tasks.

This is only possible if you have the financial resources to do so, but it is an option that you may consider.

What are the Reasons for Failing the Screening Process to Open a Store on Rakuten Ichiba?

Rakuten Ichiba offers multiple plans for opening a store and accepts stores of all sizes, but there are cases where a store may fail the pre-opening screening process.

If you are considering opening a store, be sure to know the screening criteria in advance so that you can clear them.

Flow of Operation Method of Rakuten Ichiba

Once you have finally opened your shop, it is time to start operating your EC site.

To efficiently generate sales from your online store, you need to implement the PDCA cycle using the concept of EC marketing. Rakuten Ichiba provides an environment that makes it easy to manage these operational measures.

Analyze Using RMS

Within RMS, there is a “Store Record” screen where you can view analysis reports of your store.

Rakuten Ichiba uses the following formula for sales: “number of visitors × conversion rate (number of purchasers/number of visitors) × unit price per customer”. Conversion rate is also commonly called CV rate.

In addition to viewing the number of visitors, conversion rate, and average spend per customer, the store chart can also examine the ratio of new customers to repeat customers, the route of inflow, which products are selling well, and whether the site is accessed more from PCs or smartphones.

The key to success is to analyze these data and take the appropriate measures for your store’s customers.

Resolve Problems After Analysis

Analyzing the data will reveal problems that need to be improved within the site.

For example, if the number of visitors is sluggish. There is a possibility that the page is not properly caught by the user’s product search, so countermeasures are necessary.

Even if the number of accesses is good, if it does not lead to a conversion rate, some factors reduce the user’s willingness to purchase.

Once these problems are found, how can they be improved? RMS also offers an A/B testing tool to verify the effectiveness of the two measures, which is useful for site improvement.

Is the Exit Rate High After Opening a Store on Rakuten Ichiba?

Even if you pass the open examination and open a shop in Rakuten, unfortunately, there are cases where you have to choose the path of closing.

To prevent this from happening, find out in advance what kind of closing risks there are.

Reasons for Going into the Red after Opening a New Store?

The most common reason for leaving a store is when sales turn red and the site becomes unmanageable.

What is the reason why Rakuten Ichiba, which has a strong ability to attract customers and a well-organized environment, ends up in the red?

What Does it Take to be Successful in Rakuten Ichiba?

So what do you need to do to run a successful online store on Rakuten Ichiba?