Japanese Sites for Gathering IT Info By Genre

The latest examples of how programming has changed lives

The IT industry is constantly advancing. If you want to improve your career and skills, it is essential to gather information efficiently.

This article introduces 22 IT industry news and information sites where you can “keep up with all the news” and “check the latest trends in the IT industry.

Sites to Gather Information about the IT Industry

Here are some classic news media and information sites to help you gather information on the IT industry.

Overseas IT Information

Here are some recommended websites to check out for IT information not only in Japan but also overseas.

More than Just IT information Websites

Here are some recommended websites for those who want to know not only IT information but also entertainment information and personal opinions.

Useful for IT Practices and Work

Here are some recommended websites that are useful for IT practices such as marketing and coding. Recommended websites for marketing, coding, and other IT practices.

Sites for Your Daily Input to Determine Your Future
Collecting information using the information sites of the IT industry introduced will affect your future. The reasons for this are explained below, and you should be aware of them as you gather information on a daily basis.

To survive in the rapidly changing IT industry of the future, it will become even more important to keep up with trends and the latest technologies.

Technical skills and communication skills cannot be nurtured unless they are polished. In order to hone your skills, you need fresh information as a base. The ability to collect information efficiently will show up in your work.

So, improve your information skills and grow into a person who will be sought after in the future.

If you consistently collect information, you will be able to grasp the current trends in the world, which will help you create and streamline your work. In addition, if you do output based on the input of the latest technology and trends, it is easy to firmly convert knowledge into your own skills.

The IT industry often achieves career advancement by changing jobs. If you do output, you will have an advantage when changing jobs because you can concretely demonstrate your willingness to grow.

To collect information, it is time consuming to browse websites regularly. If you want to collect information comprehensively in a short time, RSS readers such as Feedly are useful.

We also recommend using Slack’s public groups for gathering IT-related information. This allows you to establish an efficient way to gather information that works for you.

A Different and Interesting Approach to Capture Information

Gathering information and personal development is very important for success in the IT industry. However, it is not easy to stay on all the time and focus on information that you find useful.

Sometimes it is a good idea to look at web media such as Omokoro or Rocket News 24, which write articles from a unique perspective.

Sometimes it’s “pure fun,” but sometimes it’s more than that. You will learn a lot about the appeal that makes you want to share it with others and the unexpected appeal of advertising articles.

Arufa, who contributes articles to Omokoro, has also been selected as one of the 100 influencers in Japan.