Top 10 Japanese Electronics Retailers

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Japanese electronics and appliances have a reputation for being incredibly efficient and high in quality. Therefore, Japanese electronics retail stores have become a common shopping destination for foreign travelers due to their plentiful and varied product lineups, quality level, and smart service. From the name brand to smaller retailers, here are 10 Japanese electronic stores.

1) Yodobashi Camera

Good for: Shoppers; Electronics; Families

With 21 stores all over the country, Yodobashi is one of the largest electronics store chains in Japan. They are best known for providing a wide variety of excellent electronic products and having knowledgeable employees. These stores prove a “functionality lists,” which are useful when comparing different products. When overwhelmed with the options, this list allows customers easily to rank products with this data.

Despite being highly competitive with the other electronics retailers, Yodobashi has set its prices to be rather low, making them affordable for any individual. 

Akihabara and Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station host major locations of Yodobashi in the Kanto area in Japan. Yodobashi in Akihabara expands over 9 floors and 23,000 square meters and Yodobashi in Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station expands to both east and west station, one can find every and any kind of electronics ranging from computers parts, cameras, digital music, accessories, home electronics, TV, video games, and fun gadgets.

2) Bic Camera

Good for: Shoppers; Electronics

Bic Camera is the number one retail store to supply travelers visiting Japan. With a few interpreters as staff who are available throughout the year and several locations placed in front of or built-in train station, Bic Camera is very accessible.

With several of their Tokyo-based stores, they provide duty-free shopping and shipping service to send your merchandise to all major International Airports when you can’t carry them with you.

In collaboration store with Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO, BICQLO in Shinjuku allows you to experience reasonable prices on a mix of electronic and fashion goods. While Bic Camera in Shibuya Hachikoguchi expands over 7 floors offers discounted digital cameras, videos, computers, and other home appliances

3) Yamada Denki

Good for: Electronics


Yamada Denki is another large electronics retailer in Japan, but its stores have also expanded to a select few foreign countries as well. Providing discounts for both old and new display models of goods, this is perfect for those seeking cheap prices.

Among all their locations across Japan, their “Labi 1 Nihon Sohonten Ikebukuro” branch is designed around the idea of “environment, health, and entertainment.” Within their multiple sales floors, you’ll find plenty of featured items beyond electronics. From detergent, railroads models, and hundreds of thousands of books, this store even features restaurants and a sports court.

4) KS Denki

Good for: Electronics; Appliances

Ks Denki focuses on computers and electrical appliances. While they have a point reward system, they do provide the most effective on-the-spot discounts. This is ideal for travelers who are unable to take advantage of daily point systems. With 448 stores across Japan, they are primarily found in residential areas.


Good for: homegoods, Lifestyle


EDION has more than 1,000 stores that are situated in the western parts of Japan. Their lineup of products is unique as it depends on the requirements and lifestyle of each location. EDION has its brand called “KuaL.” They also offer unique versions of items, such as rust-resistant air conditioning units and microwaves with unique button configurations.

Even though there is one EDION in Akihabara Tokyo, this place offers duty-free shopping and offers SIM cards for visiting travelers.

6) Tsutaya Art & Technology

Good for: Homegoods, Lifestyles

Tsutaya is “the household appliance store where you can purchase a lifestyle.” In their Tsutaya Cafe and Book area, they provide numerous types of lifestyles. This area is filled with art and technology where you can not only purchase home appliances, but also designer products, books, and sundries to add a spark to your daily life.

7) Loft

Good for: Families; Home Goods; Home Appliances

Loft Japan wins global retail award - Inside Retail

From stationery, electronics, watches, health products, homewares, and more, Loft has almost everything. Stores that expanded multiple floors, check out their seasonal showroom. They also have festive goods for holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day that are on display, with items that have a touch of Japanese culture. Their summer displays include Japanese fans and cotton towels, whereas in winter you’ll find items intended for the New Year such as letters and cash envelopes. The loft is an excellent choice for your everyday items.

8) Tokyu Hands

Good for: Families; Home Goods; HOME APPLIANCES

Tokyu Hands has a variety of goods, from notebooks, electronics, toilet seat covers, and more. With their largest store in Tokyo, they offer household goods with home-use decorations. The most exciting section here is the party supplies section. This section will give you a glimpse into the Japanese sense of humor. While it might be difficult to find your way around the multitude of floors, lost in stores is part of the fun…Right?

9) LAOX Akihabara

Good for: electronics; Home Goods; Souvenirs

Priceless | LAOX

LAOX is a tax-free shop with its main shop in Akihabara. They offer visitors a huge range of souvenirs and Japanese products. So, if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to pick up all gifts for the family, this is the place.

In addition to the Japanese-made electronics products, LAOX also stocks cosmetics, handicrafts, jewelry, and novelty items. Their Staff at LAOX Akihabara can speak English, Chinese and Korean, so they’re able to assist you with the duty-free paperwork.

10) Apple Store Ginza

Good for: Productivity, Luxury

Last, but not least is the Apple Store in Ginza was the first Apple store to be opened outside of the US and it’s amazing. With 7 floors of Apple’s most innovative technology to explore, you could spend an entire afternoon here.


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