Jump into the Japanese Market With A Press Conference

Why Are Press Conferences Important?

A press release allows a company or organization to make an important announcement directly to journalists. These journalists have a chance to directly interact with the organization’s executives to get immediate answers to their questions.

Since the only other option for this journalist is to set up an appointment for an interview, a press conference is beneficial for both parties.

The timing of the press conference is also important. Are there other press conferences occurring around the same times as yours? If the press conference is not related to yours, there is a chance that the news may hold more importance than yours in the media. Should that happen, your announcement will not get any traction which means your press conference will have failed.

One way to avoid this is to ask your local media whether they have any upcoming events coming up. This allows you to have a date for your press conference and it does not overlap with any other events. This also allows you to learn about the schedule of the media in your attendance. Having the right media attending is crucial and obviously, not all can attend. So asking about their schedule ahead of time will allow the most amount of media you want to attend to plan to do so.

Example of a Successful Press Conference

On August 23rd, 2018 ONE Championship, Asia’s leading MMA organization, held its first press conference in Japan. Partnering with Gloture, Tokyo’s leading creative agency, they made sure that ONE Championship’s first foray into the Japanese market was a complete success.

With over 330+ people in attendance, the venue was packed. Read up on this successful press conference! With careful planning, ONE Championship was the biggest news that weekend. With various media, fans, and photographers in attendance, this event spread far and wide. If there was another press conference that weekend, then ONE Championship press conference probably would have not been successful.

With careful planning and research, a lot can go a long way. Using little precaution and organization, you can almost guarantee your press conference will catch the attention of many journalists who would be more than happy to write an article.

Top 4 Japanese Press

Media in General

Note that in Japan, television remains the most used media (fiscal survey in 2018). People spend around 2hrs 36min a day on weekdays and 3hrs 40min a day on holiday (including weekends) watching television. Internet is the second most used media, with users spending time on YouTube, social media, or reading online newspapers.

Concerning the degree of trust, newspapers are trusted at 68.6%, television at 63.7%, the Internet at 32.2%, and magazines at 16.8% according to Nippon.com.

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