Japanese and Overseas EC Site Sales Ranking

Introducing the EC site rankings in Japan and around the world!

In the domestic ranking, we introduce No. 1 to No. 30, and in the global ranking, we introduce the United States, China, South Korea, and Taiwan.

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How is the EC Market Size and EC Conversion Rate Changing?

There is an image that online shopping demand is steadily increasing, such as EC malls such as Amazon and Rakuten Ichiba, and mail-order sites that sell directly from manufacturers and brands.

Do you know the actual size of the EC market and what percentage of each sector is accounted for by EC sales?

The following explanation is based on data from the “Market Survey on Electronic Commerce” report compiled by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI).

First, let’s look at the size of the latest BtoC market and the EC conversion rate.

We can see that the market has been expanding steadily since 2010. But what about the EC conversion rate?

The latest data is showing 6.76%. So while the BtoC-EC market in Japan is still small, there is still room for growth.

Now let’s look at the BtoC-EC market further by field.




Growth rate

A. Product sales field

9.299 trillion yen

(EC rate 6.22%)

10.05 trillion yen

(EC rate 6.76%)


B. Service field

6.647 trillion yen

7.167 trillion yen


C. Digital field

2.038 trillion yen

2.142 trillion yen



17.984 trillion yen

19.36 trillion yen


Source: Summarized the results of market research on e-commerce

Based on the data, the EC market in the product sales field is the largest.

The largest portion of the EC market is in the apparel industry (1,910.0 billion yen), with an EC ratio of 13.87%.

This is followed by “Food, beverages, alcoholic beverages at 1.82 trillion yen and “Household appliances, audio/visual equipment, PCs and peripherals, etc.” at 1.82 trillion yen.

However, although the market size is not as large as the above three sectors, the most advanced sector in terms of the EC rate is “office supplies and stationery,” at 41.75%.


Furthermore, “books, video/music software” accounted for 34.18%, and “household appliances, AV equipment, PCs/peripherals, etc.” accounted for 32.75%.

It is also important to note thatCtoC-EC is expanding as a recent trend in the EC market. These include person-to-person transactions such as Mercari and Rakuma.

In 2019, the market size was 1.740 trillion yen, an increase of 9.5% from the previous year.

Top 5 Sales Rankings of Domestic EC Malls

When shopping online, many people use e-commerce malls where they can search for products from multiple shops and brands at once.

Below we introduce the top 5 domestic e-commerce malls in order of distribution value. The market size of each company is calculated based on the total amount of distribution for the year 2019, based on the figures announced in the financial statements of each company.

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What is the Global Market Size of Cross-Border EC Sites?

The demand for EC is growing all over the world, and the size of the market is expanding rapidly. By global standards, it can be said that Japan has not yet progressed to the point where it can be considered an EC country.

In particular, cross-border e-commerce, which sells products and services to customers outside of their own country through e-commerce channels, is booming these days.

The following table shows the scale of the cross-border EC market in Japan, the U.S., and China.

As seen from the data, the purchase amount from China increased by 7.9% from the previous year to 1,655.8 billion yen. Purchases from the United States increased 16.3% year-on-year to 2,094 billion yen.

Due to the high quality of Japanese products, the demand for inbound consumption has been high. If each company focuses on cross-border e-commerce in the future, there may be a chance to further expand sales.


Cross-border EC purchase amount

Growth rate


317.5 billion yen



1.557 trillion yen



3.665 trillion yen



We introduced the trends and rankings of the domestic and overseas EC markets. If you are an EC operator, we hope that EC operators will find this information useful.